OEM Alpha-Thermostat – Precise, Comfortable Temperature Control

Room thermostat with additional external sensor. Wireless transmission of temperature and coding information to the OEM Alpha-Basis Wireless 868 MHz.

  • Performance Features
  • • Versions in 24 V, 230 V, 0-10 V, Wireless and EIB
  • • Normally-closed (NC) or normally-open (NO) models available
  • • Remote sensor available
  • • Microcontroller technology
  • • Switch-ball enables operation mode selection (depending on version)
  • • Automatic and settable temperature setback (depending on version)
  • • 13 different versions for Heating or Heating/Cooling
  • • Limitation of settable temperature range
  • • Assembly on standard German and Swiss electrical box
  • • Direct wall assembly
  • • Precise temperature control
  • • Simple assembly with Mounting Base

AR 7001 EIB 资料下载

Room thermostat with EIB communication technology; control of EIB compatible products, e.g. OEM Alpha-Basis EIB with OEM Actuators

The OEM Alpha-Thermostat EIB is a continuous thermostat for single room regulation with EIB technology. It controls EIB capable actors as e. g. valves-drives or the OEM Alpha-Basis EIB.

Temperature pre-selection at the set value element is in 1/4 degree steps. The optimum demand adaptation is performed by means of a manual pushbutton with the following operating modes: Comfort / Stand-by / Night Mode / Antifreeze. Indication is performed by means of status LEDs.

The connection is performed via the integrated bus coupler; installation can be done with the pre-installed Alpha Mounting Base onto the wall.

  • • 3 binary inputs for external temperature sensor, window contact, or presence detector
  • • Conventional switching, dimming, jalousie transmissions can be communicated via EIB
  • • Temperature dial with ¼ degree soft setting
  • •Temperature selector with absolute or relative scale
  • • Selection of operating mode: preset, standby, temperature setback, anti-freeze, or cooling mode
  • • Red/Blue LED informs when cooling or heating mode is active or desired temperature is reached
  • • Manual control switch for operation settings
  • • Limitation of setting range with parameters
Operating Voltage: EIB bus voltage
Settable Temperature Range: 0°C to 28°C
Dimensions: (mm) H/W/D: 80 / 84 / 27
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